Position Of The Day

Hello there..

So, this here is today’s Position Of The Day. This is one of my favourite positions because I invented it a day or two after I invented romance.

As usual, I forgot what it’s called. If you know what is called, please tell us in the comments section.


How To Get Into It?

• First you need to do the Macarena dance. After that you do some Zumba.. lol, I’m joking. I’m sure the image is self explanatory. Just lie on your back on the couch, place a pillow or cushion to support your head, raise your legs in the air and wait for the magic…
• Gentlemen, please make sure her butt is hanging just off the edge of the couch. That way, it’s easier to slam her pussy and her booty.
• Gents, take note of the positioning of his legs. They are spread apart because it’s better that way.

So, What’s Good About This Position?

• You’re in complete control, totally dominating her.
• you can see all her facial expressions, and her titties bouncing all over the place.
• I don’t know about you, but the sight of her lying on her back with her legs in the air like that turns me on.
• It’s nice seeing the feet moving all over the place.
• her pussy is also in viewing range.

How Does It Feel For Her?

• Perhaps the ladies can tell us in the comments section. Adina Shebeen is a bit busy these days so she isn’t around to tell us what women like about this position. If she gets time to log online, she’ll edit this and add her two cents.
• But from my experience, women like this because it’s comfortable.
• they like to see the dick going in and out.
• they like to see his facial expressions. Gentleman, listen, women do like to see you making those facial expressions. You can’t just remain stiff and expressionless. Your facial expressions are basically FEEDBACK! You can’t remain stiff and serious like The Undertaker from WWE. What do you think she’ll think? You should see me. I put a performance!
• penetration is deep
• they like to play/pinch with your nipples.
• your lips are within easy reach. Personally, this (and Missionary) is one of those positions that is great for tongue kissing.
• very good for grinding the dick into her
• very good for talking nasty to her..


You’re probably looking at the image and asking yourself why the dude is wearing shoes. It’s because shoes have better grip than feet. Simple as that.


• Take extra care when fucking in this position, especially when you’re fucking her hard, fast and doing long strokes (particularly when you pull out your entire dick and slide it back in). Why? Because it’s very easy to ACCIDENTALLY miss her pussy and poke her ass. That shit is VERY PAINFUL, and the pain can last for days or even weeks!
• her legs can end up hurting.
• penetration might be too deep for her.


That’s all I can think of for now..so…..



Sugar Dick Dupree

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