Image Of The Day


It’s been ages since I did an Image Of The Day post.

I haven’t got much to talk about today but I guess I have to say something.

Today’s Image Of The Day is a variant (which really means a different version of the same thing) of the 69 Position. Yes, I invented the 69 Position by mistake. I was trying to do something else then ended up in 69..It’s a long story and I can’t really get into it now.

Personally, I think, when it comes to the 69 position, the guy should be on the bottom.
That way, his woman has more control of his dick.
• She has control of her head movements (throwing it back and forth), • has control of how much dick she can swallow (this is very important).
• plus she also has control of her saliva (very important too)

It’s ALWAYS important for the woman to always feel comfortable during sex. ALWAYS ask her if she’s okay or “do you like that”, “are you enjoying this/that” etc.


Moving onto the second image.. This is where it starts to get interesting. He tries to push his dick further down her mouth.

In this position, always make sure your woman can handle your dick because she can easily throw up if you attempt to push it down her throat without warning. Things do get messy in this position, plus she will most likely have saliva all over her face, nose, eyes and forehead AND even her hair! In most cases, she’ll have a runny nose and even have tears running down to the forehead..

Honestly, I never thought this would end up happening when I created this position.  I don’t know why she has her head hanging off the edge like that. I guess she likes it that way. My ex used to do that each and every time I ate her pussy. Her head would be hanging off the edge of the bed and I’d have to pull her back because I thought she was going to fall off. It used to irritate me.


There’s been a rise in rough sex over the years. I think most people are being influenced by porn. Always remember kuti porn is ACTING. Those women you see in porn flicks are PAID TO PRETEND that they are enjoying whatever is going on. Never allow yourself to be influenced by porn ACTORS. Yes, you can take tips here and there but always keep in mind that IT’S JUST ACTING.

Ah, I don’t know why I said the last part. It made sense though.. Anyway, I better get out of here before I start writing irrelevant stuff. If you come across any mistakes in this post, auto correct them. I don’t have time for corrections…. so



Sugar Dick Dupree

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