Picture Of The Weekend

Ndeipi! Hie!

Picture Of The Weekend.

Today’s picture of the weekend is my second favourite position (after Missionary). I know I ALWAYS talk and write about this position but I can’t help it because I love it. This position is also one of my earliest inventions. I invented it the same day I invented the toilet seat.

Why Do I Love It?

• The main reason is: it’s really all about pleasing her.


• it’s VISUALLY pleasing for her because she has a great view of the action.
• your dick, balls, butt, thighs, exhaust (yes, women do love looking at your exhaust even though they won’t admit it), back of your body, feet, muscles, arms.. EVERYTHING is on full display.
• it makes you look ‘athletic’.
• the sight of your dick going in and out and your balls slapping her pussy & clit turns her on.
• most women get turned on when they have their legs spread wide apart like that… Well, this is according to my studies….

What Don’t I Like About This Position.

• it’s not easy because you have very limited movement.
• there’s a very high chance that she will play with your exhaust but that’s not the problem. The problem is that she could get a bit too excited and might be tempted to poke your exhaust..
• she can’t fuck back
• you can easily have a cramp



ALWAYS make sure your exhaust is super clean because it WILL be on full display and she WILL spread your butt cheeks apart and WILL look at the exhaust..
• rub some back oil all over your body because it makes you look sexy.

This is all I can say for now..so….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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