Ndeipi! Hie

Email from Jamal in Barbados.

“Hello there Sugar, you hippopotamus. I hope you’re good. Listen, to cut a long short: Just got married yesterday and found out last night that my wife has a huge clitoris. I don’t know what to do. It’s really freaking me out. I don’t know anything about clits. Can you give me some information please”.


You’re in luck. I’ve written about clits before. Check HERE. I’ll need to edit that post again because it was just a rough draft when I posted it.

But, don’t worry. Every woman has a clitoris. Some have really tiny ones and some have massive ones. It’s completely normal for a woman to have a huge clitoris. Check the post and feel free to ask more questions.

Since I’m on the subject, I might as well just do a random post.


• Rub your dick all over her pussy.

• Rub it all over her exhaust.

• slap your dick all over her pussy. This usually turns women on most of the time.

• rub it around her entrance and slightly slide the tip of dick head inside  (check image below to see how).

• rub your pre-cum on her clit and exhaust.
• rub your dick head all over her clit

• add some oils (baby oil is fine). It makes things a bit more slippery, a bit more soft and it makes the pussy (and your dick) look sexy.

• slide your entire dick length all over her pussy

• pull back the ‘hood’ of her clitoris to expose the clit and rub your dick head around it. Always keep in mind that it’s very sensitive so you have to be gentle.

• peel open the lips of her pussy to expose her pinkness and slap it with your dick. You can actually make her cum just by doing this! ALWAYS do it whenever you are in Missionary position, at least twice.

• always try to get her pussy wet. The wetter the better. Wetness is an indication that she’s turned on.

• hold your dick and cover her pussy with your balls. Grind your balls onto her pussy.

• make sure that you have one hand either squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples or rubbing her thighs & tummy.

• and then when you slide your dick inside her, make one them “aaaahhhh” sounds lol.

• as you slide it in, keep going. Don’t stop to pull it half way out (unless she stops you). Slowly slide all of it inside her. I like to push it in until her pussy farts.

• You should take your time and build a rhythm.

• Don’t start by banging her hard. Only your dick should just slide in and out.



Sugar Dick Dupree

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