Position Of The Day!

Ndeipi! Hello!

Here is today’s Position Of The Day!

What is this position called: I don’t know. It’s 69 of some kind.

What Are The Benefits?

I think this one is meant for him, especially if he loves to lick pussy or bury his face in between the ass cheeks!

• he has a very close-up view of your pussy.

• he can smell it. Yeah, pussy does actually smell good and it can sometimes be a very attractive scent. That scent can drive him crazy.

• he has a close-up view of your ass, thighs and exhaust.

• when he looks down, the sight of your tits dangling will turn him on.

• it’s a very comfortable position for him.

• There’s very limited movement for both him and her.

• she will easily end up getting tired.

• there’s not much she can do other than to suck his dick and play with his balls.

• She should make sure her exhaust is clean because he will have a close-up view of it. Ladies, ALWAYS make sure your exhaust is clean!

I’ve run out of things to say so…


Sugar Dick Dupree 


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