Position Of The Day!

Ndeipi! Hello!
Position Of The Day.

So, here’s today’s P.O.T.D.  As usual, I have no idea what it’s called, and yes, you guessed right, I invented it.

I love it when her pussy is really wet… making them farting noises.. as my dick just slides in and out.

So, what’s good about this position?
• He has total domination over her. That feeling of being helpless and ‘trapped’ underneath her man always turns her on. 

• the penetration is deep.

• it’s comfortable for her.

• those  PA! PA! PA! sounds as he bangs her are more pronounced in this position and are a huge turn on.

What’s to dislike?
• she has limited movement..

• he’s doing all the work so he can easily get tired.
• I guess everybody has their own technique but I enjoy grabbing hold of her hair and pulling it a bit.

• I also like pressing her head into the mattress (not too hard and not too soft). I just want her to feel like she’s being fucked silly. After all, that’s the point of this position. 

• tongue kissing is a must.

• I also like to talk dirty to her, as well as just to breathe/moan/roar in her ear. If you speak different languages then always make sure you speak your mother tongue. It makes you sound sexy lol

• I also like to place my hand the back of her neck like goes he’s doing it (not too hard and not too soft). It usually drives women crazy in all doggy positions.

• spanking is ALWAYS a must in this position!

• I always like to reach underneath and start rubbing her clit or playing with her nipples.

• I always place my thumb on her exhaust.
Any Dangers To Watch Out For?
• Not really, just don’t lose your mind. Always make sure your partner is comfortable EVERYTIME. 

• You might get a cramp if you’re not fit..
So, yaah, I guess that’s it for today… Do what works for you and your partner.



Sugar Dick Dupree 

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