I Need Your Opinions

Now that you’re a regular reader of this blog, what do you think of this blog?

Do you enjoy it?

Do you hate it?

In which areas would you like to see improvement?

What don’t you like about this blog?

What would you like to see?

Have you got any issues with the blog?
Leave your comments in the COMMENT box or email them to me. I check the email very regularly and if I haven’t answered you, it means that I’m yet to read it. I receive a lot of email from spammers though.

By the way, I introduced a DONATE button. 


Because I need to raise enough funds to purchase a powerful “build it yourself” desktop computer and then turn this blog into a proper website. I’ve gone through numerous tablets and a laptop so far but can’t find anything good enough.

 I also need funds to publish a book and an app for Android, iOS and Windows.

How much do I need ? I think at least £3 000. I’ve set aside £2 500 for the PC and app. 

The book will be where all the bulk of the funds go into because it’s going to be predominantly visual and will interact with a smart phone. It’s going to be something new and REVOLUTIONARY. It’s going to be major.

Incase you are wondering how much money has been donated so far, the answer is $0.00! I think I might need to start a Crowd Funding thingy. Those seem to work. 

Feel free to give what you can ranging from $0.01 to $1.00 or to whatever you can afford. You don’t have to donate if you don’t want and nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t. If you do want to donate, you can do it via credit card or PayPal. The name of my company is called Leigh Pvt Ltd so don’t freak out when you view your statement.

I was gonna mention something even more prevolutionary but forgot what it was. I’ll update this post if I remember.




Sugar Dick Dupree

15 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinions

  1. Ever since i started reading this blog, i have learnt a lot and i have pit it into practice with my boo. For me it has been educative though at i read your language, so try as much as possible to use English. Thank you. Icho!

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  2. I love your work sugar. You are so great with this. I think your blog really helps us young guys who are new to the game and have no one to give us some real advice on how to have great sex. You remind me of my friends who used to lecture me when we were drinking masese at a beerhall… They would be like “mfana, mhata inorowa.. Hawumboyiti zvokutunda mukadzi asati ambotunda…u must hit that pussy till you woman cums thrice…then you can jerk off after that… So my friends adviced me a lot cause they married earlier and had so many years with different woman and u know our culture as man.. But anyway they left and i left zim too.. So i dont get advice any more.. BUT gladly i stumbled on the svirorist one day and my learning just got a boost.. So my word here is that.. You are the big man on the internet and your advice on sex is the best. Never stop and as soon as I open a PayPal account I will start donating for that book.. Am a publisher by the way. So I feel you…. Icho!

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  3. sugar we love this blog and….learnt so much
    things,we still need more.I would love to donate
    something that i have,but the thing is hatina
    macards hapana imwe way we can use to donate


  4. i love this blog Sugar and i have learnt a lot
    from it , i still need more………..About the dontions
    i would love to..but the thing is vamwe we dont
    have macards so dont you have another way
    for us to donate……..? dai ecocash yaiita ku UK
    taingokanda Sugar…..lol
    so make a plan …….so that we can donate

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  5. I enjoyed the blog a whole lot. It was the only one of its kind for a long time but now you may not have noticed but there are sites publishing new as well as your original and recycled stories on a daily basis. We now wait for months to get a single story from you. The stories are really great though. As for donations 🙂 i really dont know man.


    • Thank you for your support. This site is dedicated to all of you guys who continuously support me.

      Yes, it is true that my work has been stolen numerous times and Im planning to sue some sites for copyright infringement.

      I hardly write stororos these days simply because I haven’t been having sex lol. I also have rubbish devices and it’s a pain, that’s why I need a powerful computer.

      As for the donations, don’t stress yourself. I’m saving up so it means it’s just going to take me longer than I had hoped.



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