The Ex Was Here..



• Sorry guys, I know its been nearly THREE MONTHS since I posted something. I’m back now but very rusty so I need to get back into writing mode.. I won’t finish this one and it will be very short, and won’t even make sense (to you), but I need to get something going (it helps me) to get my mojo back. Besides, I’m so not horny now so my brain is not functioning properly. Yes, almost every story I write is written with a hard on…


That moment when she came over to my house..

Aaaah, Just thinking about Lucinda..we used to date and have been broken up a while.. but still maintain communication..

• I had been trying to get her to come to  my house..coz I needed one final round..just for old times sakes..

• but she kept refusing saying, “but I have a boyfriend, besides you and me are done…beyond done”..

• still I tried. I knew deep down in her heart, she still liked me..and was itching for that “one last time round”..

• Finally, she agreed, and said she was just going to”pass by for a few minutes just to say hie”.. and that “nothing would happen”..

• yeah right, they always say that..

• an hour later, she was knocking on my door..

• I opened, pulled her inside and gave her a hug..

• she hugged me a bit too tight and wouldn’t let go..

• and I knew kuti this was my chance.. It was either now or never, do or die.. Go hard or go home..

• so I brushed my lips against hers..

• and that was it, the shit drove her wild..



Sugar Dick Dupree.

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