Tip Of The Day! 

Hello there. I hope you’re good. I’m good.

Today, I’m going to talk about HAND JOBS..   (I’ll refer to them as HJs because I’m too tired to write the full word)

So Mr Dupree, what are Hand Jobs? Er…I can’t explain what they are because I’m too tired to explain. The pictures will do the explaining for you. I actually haven’t got much to say so I’ll try to add a few things here and there. I think I’ll talk about a bad experience I had with someone I will refer to as “Lisa”. This one is for you ladies TAKE NOTES!

Lemme get straight into the subject. 


You’ll need a pair hands and a bottle or two of baby oil. I always recommend baby oil because it is often the cheapest, has no harmful chemicals and is widely available.

Roll out the first image, Mr Dupree.

I like how she’s playing with the dick in this image. I know he feels good. She’s gentle but firm with it, and the slipperiness of the baby oil feels good. Guys who are circumcised usually need baby oil because they haven’t got the skin that rolls back forth. The baby oil ensures that  there isn’t too much friction.

Honestly, I’ve only ever come across one or two girls who were gifted when it came to HJs. I realised the importance of HJs when Lisa nearly strangled my dick with her hands.
Lisa’s grip was too, too tight that it was very PAINFUL!

She’d grip it really HARD and then pull it. Gosh, it was sore. It did not feel good at all. My dick ran out of oxygen! Yaah, it actually slept, by that did not stop her. She chewed it until it got up again.

Roll out the second image, Dr Dupree:

She’s doing what pretty much all of you ladies do. If done right, it feels good. Make sure your grip is firm but not too hard. Have your other hand rub his thighs, pinch his nipples, rub his chest or play with his balls. Talk to him whilst you do it. Silence can create an awkward climate, especially if your man is one of fuss who are silent in the bedroom. 

Gents, make some sexy noises and close eyes. Don’t just stare at her..

Roll out the third image, Sir Dupree:

I like what she’s doing. I’m not circumcised so my skin and dick head are both very sensitive. Actually my dick is very sensitive. That shit she’s doing with the head would me crazy. Pour quite a considerable amount of oil on the dick head and do what she’s doing. The more slippery, the better. It feels fucking good, especially when the oil makes those squishy noises! Ahhh, that’s paradise! Lmao

Roll out the fourth image, Master Dupree:

Just look at what she’s doing. you need to that too (just make sure there lots of oil). I bet most of you ladies don’t do that all. You just do what she’s doing in Image number Two. You need to play around with the dick. Just do random stuff, as long as it’s not dangerous. An ex used to love slapping my dick on my tummy/six pack….I don’t know why I said that but it felt appropriate…. gosh, I think I’m going crazy…Anyway, jerk it off from the sides, especially when he’s fully erect. It feels amazing. My dick usually sleeps on its left so when its erect, It feels amazing when It’s being jerked off from the right… Wow, that’s way too much info right there….Ah, what the heck. You probably won’t get it because it doesn’t make sense.. 


Roll out the fifth image, Your Highness Dupree:

Now, that must feel good. I’ve had that done to me just once, but it was Lisa who was doing it and it was PAINFUL because the grip was too tight and when she twisted it like that, it was as if she was trying to rinse a towel. I almost died that night. You don’t know how lucky I am to be alive.

You can see that he’s enjoying it because nipples are erect. 

Roll out the final image, Cde Dupree:

Once again, I haven’t experienced that but I’ve heard women taking about guys love that shit. The problem is: women lie to each other too much when it comes to what guys like in the bedroom. Besides, what works for one guy might necessarily not work for everybody else. Apparently, guys like what the lady in the image is doing (according to women). I don’t really trust that because mine is a bit too sensitive for that kinda rubbing. It sorta looks like it hurts especially with way and speed she’s doing it. I guess it depends with your man and how he likes it.

Leave comments in the comment box please.

So that’s it for this segment of Tip Of The Day!

I really have to go because my battery is now running empty and putting it on charge won’t work because it’ll still run flat. This is why I need a desktop. I’ll try to edit this post when I have more things to say. Oh, and remember, the dickhead is not a DJ booth. Be gentle. I  won’t bother to look for spelling and grammar errors so if you come across any, correct them yourself.




Sugar Dick Dupree

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