Hello. It’s been a month or so. I’ve been ‘mentally away’ because Yours Truly has been having woman issues. Yes, Sugar Dick Dupree too does get affected with these things.

I was away trying to figure out if I was the problem or not and I’m still confused.

Honestly, this is why I need to hook up with Halle Berry ASAP because I think she is the only woman who will understand me. If anyone here knows her personally, tell her Sugar said ‘wsup baby, I’m waiting for you’. Yes, as old as she is, she could be my soulmate.

I hope you are all good.

I’m doing fine.

Normal service on this blog will be resumed in a few days. There are some posts in reserve (drafts) but are still far from being finished.


S to the V to the I to R to the O to the RI and then to the ST



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