Gents, you MUST ALWAYS listen to your woman whenever you are having sex. Bad sex is usually a result of NOT LISTENING.

• When she says, “yes, yes, yes”.. It almost always means, “dont change, don’t speed up or don’t slow down, keep doing what you are doing”. If you change whatever you were doing, you could ruin an orgasm that was building up.

• When she says, “you can do whatever you want”, she is basically telling you to take charge of the situation. She wants you to be the dominant one.

• If she says, “it hurts”, she means, “it’s painful, uncomfortable, I’m not enjoying it and I don’t like it. Please stop”. STOP whatever it is that you are doing and change. Painful sex is ALWAYS the worst sex.

• When she is cumming and tells you to take it out (most of the time they push you off), just take it out. I know its tempting to’fight her’ to keep your dick in her pussy, but take it out. Sometimes, they get too overwhelmed (some women even faint) by the sensation and can’t handle it. So you must pull your dick out because this allows her body to recover and prevent it from temporarily shutting down (passing out). Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

• Always ask if she’s fine, and if she likes it, and how she wants it.. It’s called COMMUNICATION!

I think this is all I have in my tank for now, so….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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