What Women Like About Doggy

Today, I’m going to give you a few Doggystyle tips.  I think I have talked about this position a lot over the years so today I’m going to try to say something I’ve never said before. I’ll dive straight into it.. This post will be all over the place because WordPress keeps crashing and I’m not in the right frame of mind to post a story with a nice flow to it.. Anyhoo, lemme get into it.

So, why do most women love Doggy?

• Because it is one of those positions that makes her feel like she’s getting properly fucked. Getting bent over like that, being spanked, having no control, having her hair pulled and you thrusting into her making that PA PA PA sound (a.k.a tapping the ass) feels pretty awesome psychologically.

• Your dick feels awesome for her because it enters at an unusual angle.

• If you have big balls, they could slap against her pussy and that can act as ‘extra stimulation’, besides it just feels nice for her.



• The penetration is deep. You need to be careful during Doggy because some women won’t be able to handle deep penetration. Some pussies become “shallow” during doggy..

• and she loves it because she does not want you to see her facial expressions…



Look at the way he’s pressing her head into the mattress. Obviously he is not pressing it down hard as if he’s pinning a burglar, but there is some sort of pressure there that’s enjoyable for her. You can see that she’s enjoying because she has her arms spread out in total submission. Doggy is all about roughness, but you MUST make sure that there is gentleness in the ‘roughness’. Don’t lose your head and NEVER COPY THE LEVEL OF ROUGHNESS YOU SEE IN PORN MOVIES.


I tend to..

  • grab the back of her neck
  • grab her shoulders
  • grab her hips
  • grab onto her thighs
  • grip onto her butt
  • digging my fingers into her butt (in my experience, this usually makes her cum)
  • spank her butt
  • pull her hair
  • grab onto her tits
  • rub her clit..
  • do long strokes especially when her pussy is really wet. The dick just slides in an out easily and when I plunge all of it in her, her pussy farts, and that shit turns me on.
  • By the way, NEVER get angry or annoyed when your woman’s pussy farts during sex. She can’t control it neither can you so just keep fucking her and REASSURE her that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT and that you LOVE the farting/squishy sound her pussy is making. Your woman MUST ALWAYS feel comfortable around you, especially when it comes to sex..

Gosh, I think I have said enough. Apologies about this post because its all over the place. Just take the tips and apply to your session and then come back here with feedback. Even when I write a jumbled up post, there is still some very good tips lol. As usual, I don’t check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, so you should auto correct them yourself as you read..



Sugar Dick Dupree


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3 thoughts on “What Women Like About Doggy

  1. That is exactly correct. My woman once told me she enjoys that ” pa pa pa” sound. I thought she was just loosing her mind but she explained that as I thrust from behind, my scrotum is actually hitting her enlarged laboa lips and that she enjoys that that tapping feeling on her clit. Now I do it all the time…

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