Undercover Lover!


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Copy protected


So, she was at my house and we were in my bedroom just lying on the bed cuddling, talking about sweet nothings, play fighting, kissing and all that jazz. Then her mobile phone rings. I picked it off the side board, handed it to her and it was a her boyfriend, Tendai. She looked at me and said, “Sugar please, don’t say anything. If you have to cough, then cough into the pillow please or get out of the room”. I rolled my eyes and sort of agreed. For the first minute or two, I could hear him loud and clear on the phone and he asked her what she was up to. I whispered loudly, “she is licking my exhaust, homeboy”.. She looked at me, mouth wide opened in shock and she immediately hung up the phone. We both burst out laughing.

At this point we were laughing our asses off. She then picked up the phone, called him, and placed her hand over my mouth. He answered as soon as it rang, sounded upset and rudely asked her kuti “what the hell happened and what’s so funny”? The way he said it sounded even more funny so I fought her hand away from my mouth and whispered loudly once again, “you are funny, home boy”. She quickly hung up the phone and switched it completely off.

She then sat on top of me, playfully hit me and we both started laughing again. She was like, “I have to call him back and don’t say anything this time..promise me”. I asked her what she was going to tell him and she said was just gonna say that her had phone died and that she had just put it back on the charger. So as she turned it back on, I unbuttoned her top and gently started squeezing her boobs. She called him back, told him her phone battery was giving her issues and that she had just put it back on the charger.
They started talking about something. I forgot what it was because I zoned out for a minute. My mind was fixated on her boobs. I had squeezed her boobs against each other, trying to get the nipples as close to each other as possible. I guess I wanted to turn them into a giant nipple! Dont ask why, but I was just doing stuff. She had dark thick nipples that got hard whenever I played with them and that shit always turns me on. I pulled her towards me and began to lick and suck her nipples. She put the phone on loud speaker, placed it by the side board, held the back of my head and smothered my face with her boobs.

I started running my hands all over her ass, thighs and rubbing her wet pussy. She started kissing me, sucking my tongue in between her responses to the boyfriend. She licked my nipples and chest. I had a finger up her pussy. She then slid her hand into my boxers, whipped out my erect dick, which was wet with pre cum and rubbed it all over her pussy. She was squeezing the pre cum out of my dick and then rubbing it onto her clit. She sat on it, managed to get the tip of my dick in her pussy and started grinding. I whispered to her to continue talking to him. For some strange reason, it turned me on. I tell you, it feels good being naughty with someone’s woman. She put him on, put the phone on mute and placed it on the bed. She then got up, sat on my face and started grinding her wet pussy all over my face. She was grinding hard, and even had my nose in her pussy at one point! She then ordered me to stick my tongue into her pussy, held the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy. It was rough, but it felt good.
She got back on the phone and started talking to him. He was talking about taking her to some classy restaurant or some shit like that.

I rolled her over and began to give her a back massage. I heard the boyfriend say, “what’s your with you? You are being weird today”. Bwa ha ha, if he only knew! She told him that she was removing her makeup and she was getting sleepy. Lmao. By the way, he talked too much about nothing or just kept quiet and taking deep breaths. I heard so much silence while they were on the phone, like she would actually have to keep the conversation going.

So, back to the massage. I started at the back of her neck and gave her kisses all the way down to her spine, and then licked all the way back up to her neck. I was definitely getting a response out of her but, she still held on to that phone. She was visibly horny and even the tone of her voice had changed. She sounded “weak” and was letting out moans. She spread her legs, lifted her butt up, looked at me and sort of signalled for me to penetrate her wet pussy. She started to back her ass on me. I looked at her pussy and the sight of her erect clit made me want to suck on it. I wanted her to keep talking to him whilst I ate her pussy. When she started moaning, he asked her what was going on and she told him that she was stretching.
I then pulled her ass towards me, in doggy, arched her back, spread her butt cheeks apart and slowly slid my dick into her. I plunged in every inch and as it slowly disappeared into her pussy, her body was trembling and she was pulling & biting the bed linen. I could tell she was about to orgasm. I buried my entire dick into her right to the base and her pussy farted. I slowly pulled it out just leaving the tip inside. It was WET! WET WET! I slid it back in again and then she picks up the phone, hits him with, “oh shit..hello Tendai, sorry I gotta go”, hangs up the phone and switches it off! What followed next were screams, squirting everywhere and “revenge sex”…




Sugar Dick Dupree


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